Why it’s Important to Dispose of E-waste Safely

Dispose of E-waste Safely

Technology is an incredible thing — there have been too many impressive electronic innovations to name in the last few decades that have fundamentally changed the way we live. But it can also open you or your business up to new threats, and it’s important to dispose of your e-waste safely, or else you may be vulnerable to identity fraud.

Let’s explore some of the ways that professional shredders can help you reduce the threat posed by identity fraud by disposing of your e-waste safely.

Devices Store All Kinds of Data

Electronic devices become obsolete when they’re replaced by new technology, and sometimes old devices lie around storing all kinds of personal or company data, such as tax records, bank information, old passwords, or other information which could be used against you to commit identity theft.

There are more devices posing a potential threat than you may realize, including: hard drives, flash drives, laptops, tablets, cell phones, photo copier and printer memory cards, data tapes, and more. Professional shredders can safely dispose of them all.

Look for a professional shredding company that issues a certificate of destruction afterwards, so you can feel certain that your e-waste no longer poses a liability.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

The importance of protecting the environment cannot be overstated, so eco friendly e-waste recycling is a central part of professional shredding. Many electronics need to be broken down because they contain parts that need to be sent to different final destinations in order to be recycled properly. Also, e-waste can contain dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants.

Properly disposing of your electronic and paper waste reduces your carbon footprint, so look for a professional shredder who takes their commitment to protecting the environment seriously.

E-waste Disposal - Eco-friendly Way
E-waste Disposal – Eco-friendly Way

High-Profile Data Hacks and Corporate Espionage

Some days, you don’t need to scan a newspaper for very long before reading about prominent political parties or international corporations that have been hacked. Sneaking inside your records to obtain information about you is a criminal act that leaves you vulnerable, and hacking is not the only way to get access to this information.

Business rivals have been known to go “dumpster diving” for files, a term which means going through the garbage or recycling bin to look for discarded electronic devices that may store sensitive data about your company.

Business is cutthroat, and competitors go to any length to gain an advantage. The surest way to guarantee that your sensitive information never gets into the wrong hands is to have it destroyed by a professional shredding company.

Electronic devices are so incredibly useful and commonplace now that it’s hard to imagine the modern office without them. From cell phones to computers, photocopiers to printers, electronics are a required part of doing business. But when your devices stop working or you replace them with the latest model, call a professional shredder who can make sure that they can’t be used against you.