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Summary:  Airlines is one of the industry that is full with capital, labor and technology intensive, all encompassed within a single organization. On top of that, as it is a service industry, it is also highly labor intensive, mainly due to the direct customers services the airlines have provide to the individual customers. These factors have impacts on the types of jobs required to run the airline.

Description: In airline jobs one can get aircraft related jobs. In this airline jobs maintenance of the aircrafts is the basic priority. This is engineering types of work. A large number of staff is required to plan, organize and do the actual maintenance on the aircrafts and the related components. As the safety of the aircraft and the passengers are at stake, the airlines will put a high priority to the maintenance works. The resources, the manpower, the spares and the available facilities have to plan years in advance. Airline Jobs offers the quality of the works and the processes are monitored by the Quality Assurance staffs.

Cabin Crew Jobs are customer’s related jobs. In cabin crew jobs the individual crew handle the passengers while they are in the aircrafts, both on ground as well as in flight. In Cabin Crew Jobs are basically comes under the customers’ services group and it is the largest in term of manpower, likely to be about half of the total work force of an airline. In cabin crew jobs other than safety related duties there are many other basic duties which are the duty of crew members, these include, amongst others, directing the passengers to their seats, assisting with stowing their carry-on baggage, serving meals and beverages and safety expressions which contains the use of seat belts and oxygen masks etc. The licensing program for cabin crew members usually takes place over a six week time and involves both abstract and practical actions, some of which are very demanding. These evaluations include aircraft evacuations, fire fighting, swimming, equipment handling, aviation medicine as well as security, to name but a little.

The structure of an airline varies between airlines and is constantly changing according to the company policy. However, due to the scenery of airlines business, it will be capital, labor and technology concentrated.


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