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In the growing educational standards and increasing competition levels, development restricted to mental ability is no longer what parents idealize for their child. Overall mental, emotional and physical strength is vital to survive the cutthroat competition of current era. We, at admission wing, aim to shape every student in a manner to make them fit to survive and succeed within the world’s complexities.

Parents often indulge themselves in improving the scores of their children and neglect theirinner peace for which every individual craves. To understand and satisfy this need of every student, the team of admission wing works hard and we consider ourselves the masters in guidance counseling. We understand the psychological as well as personal needs of the individual students.

Admission wing helps students to discover their interest first and afterwards a career path which can be best for their subject of interest and capabilities.

Located at the bustling, we bring to you the firsthand knowledge about colleges, institutes and universities near you. We guide you about the infrastructure, faculty, administration and fees structure about every prospective institute you can consider for applying. The placement drive and its evaluation are presented by our team to the clients.

Admission wing’sunderstanding and supportive team of professionals spend time with students as well as parents to understand their needs and provide them professional counseling basedon their rich knowledge about educational environment. They indulge into in depth discussions about their fears, insecurities, dreams, interests and goals before giving any advice.

The professional counselors in our team coordinate with institutes to help students get direct admission into the college of their choice. Finalizing a college of your interest and needs is a difficult task, so we aim to ease the process of admission for students once they are done with their analysis.

Environment of education is dynamic, we consider it our work to provide you with every detail and update in the field and bring new career choices and opportunities into your notice as and when they hit the sphere of education.

Admission wing believes that every student has the potential to become extra-ordinary if he/she is provided with right kind of guidance before choosing their career path. Success in professional career is not only about your mental capabilities but also about how much you can enjoy your work. Our objective is to guide students thoroughly about different career paths and ways to reach their goals before they finalize anything.