How you can make your business work for you?


There are many ways of where you can make the business work for you, But what observe from the past 6 years in the industry, when you start something whether it is for your professional growth or personal benefits, you have to do it constantly.

When you start doing something, always try to work on the thing continuously for 21 days which make ultimately turn into your habit.

Whether it is related to building up the skills and trying out something new there should be constant learning process and start executing it.


As I mentioned earlier there should be pre-plan before dive in, to make business successfully work for you. Always start with the identifying the niche, competition in the market. And always consider the user intent.

For Instance:

Consider opening restaurant in the Bengaluru, there are hell lot of restaurant available in the city whether it Veg or Non Veg. So here it is bit difficult to consider whether you can do the business or not, but it is not impossible task, so you can consider through categorizing it into food type say non-veg you can consider opening fish restaurant, where you offer fresh fish with different kind of variety. So here mainly you can consider the factor of procuring the fish from the coastal region.

Join the community

In every city and town there are local community events that range from marathons, pageants or fundraisers. By getting involved you can bring your business closer to the local community and at the same time leave a positive footprint behind you.

Offer to sponsor a youth event or take part in some fundraising yourself. It is a great way of increasing your visual presence and building a good relationship with the wider community and your customers.

Know your tech

Is your website looking tired and old? Are the details listed on it even up to date? A shabby website is arguably worse than no website at all; especially if it has out of date information on it.

The way people use the internet has changed considerably so consider changing with it. As mobile internet on smartphones and tablets is on the increase it is a productive use of time to develop your marketing to go embrace that.

Mobile Friendly Pages allows you to do all of this and more, meaning that contacting you, checking prices and making purchases can be done in only seconds – offering the best user experience for your customers and potentially securing more business in the process.

 Decorate the office

Are you and your staff tired of staring at the same white washed walls for 40 hours a week? If you are, it is hardly surprising.

A lively and engaging office environment does more than just cheer everyone up a little, research suggests that it can boost productivity and reduce the number of sick days taken by staff which will ultimately save you money and make your outfit appear more professional to the outside world.

Take time out for training

The benefits of sending your staff off for training are well documented. Accounting, motivation, health and safety, negotiation, team building, the list of effective training courses are almost limitless. These trips empower staff, makes them feel valued and ultimately aides them in performing their roles to a higher standard.

A break from the office is never a bad thing either – so make sure you book yourself on a course too!

 Ask your staff

Your staff will often have a different perspective on things than you and are usually keen to help. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your staff for opinions or ideas. After all, you never know what gems they might be holding on to.

Hope you got an idea about what is B2B, and some of the factors you need to consider while starting business, if you have anything to add-on, Let me know in the comments. I would be curious to learning new strategy for business development.