Three Important Considerations For Opening A Store

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Opening a store is a great way to make money. Despite news of closures for major national and global chains, retail is still quite strong. If you can offer goods that are in demand and aren’t readily available at other stores, you’ve gotten off to a good start, but that’s no guarantee of success. Here are some important things to consider.


The location of your store will have a major impact on your success. Your business will be affected by demographics, sign visibility, foot and vehicular traffic among other things. Does it make sense to be located near other competitors? That could increase the amount of traffic passing by. If your store is the only one of its type in the area, that exclusivity could be a boon to your revenue stream and profits. For example, if you’re selling home goods, it may make sense to be located in an area where shoppers usually go to buy such products.

Business Tools

As an owner, you have to decide which tools are necessary. Are you going to use cash registers or does a modern tablet-based app solution work best? What software are you using to track your inventory, if at all? Will your business have an online presence that includes transactions? Accounting is a big part of your business. To best keep track of your numbers and tax implications, you should consider contracting independent QuickBooks consulting services.


Marketing is crucial to the success of your business. How do you publicize the presence of your store and the goods sold there? Can you leverage social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? Should you pay for ad space in a local newspaper or mail fliers? Being able to reach out to your customers with effective advertising is essential.

Opening a store can be lucrative and personally fulfilling. There are a lot of factors that can play into success and failure. You must do your research and come up with a plan that addresses not only the various aspects of your business but also which things should be done in-house.

Hidden Costs Of Running A Business

Running your own Orlando business can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to be your own boss and do something that you’re passionate about. One of the scariest things about owning a business, however, is that a significant number of startups fail. A lack of capital is one of the biggest reasons. Businesses have a lot of costs associated with them. Here are some of the costs of running a business that you might not know about.

Loans or Financing

While many business owners dream of making the big bucks, the truth is that many need to take out a loan or other funding solution to make their business dreams come true. While loans are beneficial, they can be expensive. Typically, the better your credit score, the better the rates and terms. If you have less than stellar credit, however, your rates are likely to be higher, which can lead to paying thousands in interest.


Insurance is an important part of running your business. The type of business you run, its size, your industry, and many other factors go into determining what you’ll pay. You need to make sure that you do your home to find the best deal on business insurance in Orlando to meet your needs.


If your business sells products, you face the risk of shrinkage. The unfortunate truth is that shrinkage costs retailers billions. Products may go out of date or get damaged. Shrinkage can also result from theft (including customer and employee), vendor fraud, or paperwork errors. While you might not be able to avoid it altogether, you may be able to take steps to avoid as much as you can so that it doesn’t have a serious impact on your business.

When running your own business, you need to consider all of the associated costs. Knowing what you’re financially responsible for can help you to avoid surprises and run your business successfully.