How to Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits?

Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits?


The first thing to say is that failure happens. It’s unavoidable. Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits? The best people and businesses in the World fail, and that’s why they become great at
what they do. If we succeeded at everything, all of the time, we really
wouldn’t learn anything and without learning, we would never progress forward.

I know what it’s like starting up and being so cautious about avoiding
failure, well the sooner you accept that things will go wrong, the better. It’s
human nature that we worry ourselves with all of the scenarios that “might”
happen but you should focus your mind and your business to deal with what
“will” happen and that is a failure. Failing is the first step to succeeding
because without failure we will never progress, learn and develop our skills.

Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits? Here is how I deal with failure?

– Relax: It’s not the end of the World. Sometimes
we get so caught up in the situation at the time that we make rash decisions,
even more mistakes and that’s because we are focusing so much on righting the
immediate wrong that we don’t take time to digest it and think about it
properly. Every time that I fail at something I run a nice hot bath, have a
beer, and totally switch off from everything and everyone for a full hour. This
hour allows my brain time to digest the situation, switch off from it and
completely relax to a point of calm. After this hour, my mind feels refreshed
and looks at the situation in a new light.

Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits? Write it down: 

I have a physical list that each time I fail at something, I write it on the list. The list must easily
have over 100 entries on there but I scan through it once per week and it
ensures that I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Overcome Failure: Powerful Habits? Know that everybody fails: 

Some people don’t like to admit it, but we have all failed at something. I remember when I
starting failing at things, I started to doubt my ability, to doubt my
surroundings and it had an effect on my confidence but when I realized that we
all fail at something, it made me feel a lot better. There is nothing that you
can fail at that somebody hasn’t failed at before and it’s a comforting feeling
knowing that it has happened to somebody else and the World isn’t against it,
it’s life.

So, those are the 3 ways in which I deal with failure. I fail on a regular
basis but that’s why I also succeed. I appreciate and take value from each and
every failure because I look for the lesson in each of them, as opposed to
seeing them as a negative process.