basics of air hostess in india

Basics of Air Hostess in india
Basics of Air Hostess in india

The travel and tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar, global and ever growing industry with many opportunities for work and expansion professionally and benefits to those who work in the industry and their families.

The benefit with working in the industry is that there are certain basic qualities that once learned in one area of the industry will be useful. For exemplar if you work as an air hostess, some of the skills and qualities you get will be helpful whether you prefer to work later on in the hotel industry, as a travel consultant or even as a tour guide.

Cabin crew members are the face of Airline Operators which is a link between Operators and their Passengers and are often the basis for an airline being rated as average or exceptional. If you desire a lifestyle of travelling, shopping, meeting interesting people, visiting exotic destinations while being paid to do so, the life of a cabin crew member is ultimately for you! Reflecting on the life of a cabin crew member invokes images of jet setting like diving in the red sea, skiing in the Alps, having breakfast in Miami and supper in London. So in living being a cabin crew member is not just a job but a lifestyle.

Some primary responsibilities of air hostess job are to ensure the safety of passengers, colleagues, the aircraft and its equipment. The duties of air hostess would include: assisting passengers in an emergency evacuation which could take place on land or in water, cabin fires which could occur in a toilet, overhead stowage, under the seat, in galleys etc. and survival procedures in the event of an emergency situation. Air hostess are also trained to deal with problems as serious as heart attacks, child birth, and choking to lesser issues such as a bleeding nose, headaches and nausea.

Today India is known as the biggest hub for every sector including hospitality and aviation because of its growth ratio. So ultimately Indian air hostess need to be more active to face the day to day requirement. Due to its popularity Indian air hostess need some basic criteria among every person like physically, mentally and medically fit enough, a good command over English, well behaved and well mannered etc.


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